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How to proceed

Sending the application documents

  1. Applicants fill in the Application Form , which is valid for a year following the date of its submission. Applicants can attend a job interview within a year following the submission of their application. Registration with our agency is free of charge.
  2. Applicants have to send their Curriculum Vitae in English along with 2 pieces of passport-size photos in e-mail to, or to send the documents by post to the address stated in the Contact us section of this website.
  3. Your application will be evaluated by the agency. Based on the information provided in the application forms applicants will be informed, whether they fulfill the general conditions to be invited for an interview.

Job interviews wit hthe employer

  1. The job interviews start with a presentation in the morning. The presentation is given by a representative of the cruise ship company. Attending the presentation is obligatory for all applicants.
  2. The presentation is followed by the interviews. The interview may last a shorter or longer time, depending on the interests of the cruise ship company and on the level of qualifications and suitability of applicants. The order in which applicants are interviewed is stated by the representative of the cruise ship company.
  3. Applicants are strongly advised to bring all important documents with them for the interviews. These can be documents such as portfolios, diplomas or any other documents proving the field and level of their qualifications. These can be presented during the interview.
  4. After finishing the interviews the remaining part of the interview-day is scheduled by the representative of the cruise ship company. In most of the cases the interviews are the last item on the agenda.
  5. Applicants will be informed about the results of their interview within five working days.

After receiving a Leter of Employment (LOE)

  1. The LOE of successful applicants will be delivered to our agency.
  2. Applicants will obtain their LOE from us in person or by registered mail after paying the fee for recruitment services. For more information concerning your expenses please click here .
  3. Upon receiving your LOE we will provide you with detailed information concerning your visa, medical examination, flight tickets and other relevant matters. For detailed information on the above please also click on Expenses and FAQ .

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