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 Boarding Expenses

Applicants have to cover their initial boarding expenses, which are listed in the offer of the cruise ship company. These include fees for the following:

  • visa

  • medical examinations

  • fee stamps for documents acknowledging a clean criminal record

  • return airfare expenses (if the place of boarding can be reached by air travel) etc.

If requested, we can provide full service, including the purchase of cheaper last-minute plain tickets. The amount of your total expenses will largely depend on what type of position you will be applying for, where you are going to board the ship and on the length of your contract that you sign with the employer. All applicants should count on with expenses amounting to between 25 and 40 thousand Slovak crowns (including your travel expenses, plane ticket etc.). You should not forget about the fact that with most positions your investments will return in the first month or so.

*All prices are expressed in Slovak crowns in accordance with the law on employment agencies.

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