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Prior to filling in the Application Form please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your application you agree with the terms and conditions of registering with our Intercruiser agency. You also agree to have your personal data recorded in our database of applicants, and that in accordance with the Slovak Code of Law no. 428/2002 About the Protection of Personal Data. W.O.S. reserves the right to refuse the application of those who, on the basis of the provided information in the application form, do not fulfill the selection criteria. Applications will be also withdrawn from the database if it is found out that the provided data are not true.

All applicants should bear in mind that in spite of traveling to many places, in the first place they are going to work on the ship. Regarding the working hours they should be flexible, since the workdays sometimes last 10 or 12 hours. We are looking for applicants of cheerful character, who make a good impression and who do not mind sharing their living space with other people.

Foreign Languages

English language skills are an essential requirement in order to get registered in our database. The required level of language skills varies with the nature of the position you are applying for. However, since all communication on the ships is in English, a minimum language competency is essential with all posts. The English language skills of all applicants will be checked prior to registration in our database.


Applicants must be between the age of 19 and 40. Applications of those not fulfilling this criterion will be deemed void.


Applicants not meeting the personal appearance standards of the cruise ship company (visible piercing and tattoos, extreme hairstyle, moustache, beards) might not be offered a job and that mainly in the case of applying for staff positions.


The required qualification levels vary with the posts. For further details please see the Job Descriptions. We reserve the right not to invite those candidates for an interview, who do not fulfill the qualification criteria of the cruise ship company. We give guidance to all applicants regarding their qualifications. In case they do not have the necessary level of qualifications for the post they intend to apply for, we will try to offer them other but similar posts.

Physical Fitness

Applicants must be aware of the fact that their application for working abroad will be accepted only if they produce favorable medical tests and they also have to pass drug tests. Not fulfilling the above requirements will result in the refusal of their application.

Clear Criminal Record

Applicants must be aware that in order to obtain work abroad they have to produce a clear criminal record. Not fulfilling this requirement will result in the immediate refusal of their application.

Travel Documents

Applicants are obliged to have a valid passport.

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