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Q: What will be the length of my contract?

A: That depends on the cruise ship company you sign the contract with. The usual length of contracts is 4 or 8 months.

Q: What about the level of my English language skills?

A: Relevant English language skills are an essential condition for you to be registered in our database of applicants. The necessary level of applicants’ language skills depends on what sort of position they would like to work in. The so called STAFF positions require a high standard of English communication skills since these employees are in regular contact with the guests.  The so called CREW positions, however, require only a fair knowledge of the language, for they do not primarily deal with guests.

Q: When will I have to undergo medical examination?

A: Since the medical examinations are rather pricey (between 3000 and 7000 Slovak crowns, depending on the kind of examinations), we advise applicants to get them after obtaining a Letter of Employment. The documents signed and stamped by the doctor must be presented upon boarding the ship. The medical papers cannot be older than 3 months.

Q: Can I choose, which doctor I want to get the necessary papers from?

A: Since all documents acknowledging your medical examination must be written in English, we advise you to get them from the doctors approved by our agency.

Q: Will I have a health and life insurance policy?

A: Yes, insurances are a part of your contract.  You sign your insurance policy upon boarding the ship, respectively when your first contract starts.

Q: Is anyone going to wait for me at the airport when I arrive?

A: Information regarding your boarding and what to do before boarding will be provided for you along with your LOE. In most of the cases applicants are given a lift to a hotel, which is a partner of the cruise ship company.  Lodging is free of charge for the applicants.

Q: How much cash should I take with me?

A: It depends on your destination, where you are going to board the ship. It is advisable for you to take with you at least €50.

Q: How much money will I spend onboard?

A: All your catering and accommodation expenses will be covered by the cruise ship company. Except a few types of crew uniforms, everything is free of charge. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco articles etc. are available at the crew bar, where staff are charged a minimum price stated by the cruise ship company. In other words, except at the crew bar you won’t have to spend a cent.

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Photographers and Graphic Designers wanted! Man & woman betwwen 21-35 years of age. Contact us for more details.Having a pleasant and very friendly personality is a must. Excellent English skill is compulsory. Contracts fo